Sabtu, 30 Juli 2011

The Old Fisherman's Stranger Day

Once upon a time there was an old fisherman who lived in a cave near the sea. Everyday with his little boat, he went to the sea to catch fish.

One day, there was a thunderstorm.
The sky becames darker, the wind becames harder, and the wave becames bigger. The fisherman was worried with his little boat. But he was a brave man. With his residue power, he tried to controlled the boat. But the storm was so hard. There was a lot of leaks on the boat. He didn't know what must he did. The boat was broken now, and his eyes can't be opened. Everything was dark now. He sinked to the darkness.

An hour later, the old man opened his eyes. He still can't see anything. Everything still dark here, except one light source near him. He followed the light, and now he can see everything. He had a strange feeling. He felt that he know this place. So, he ran away to the beach. "Beach, beach, beach .." he said. But the memory was gone. He can't remembered anything.

After along, long time since sunrise to sunset, he tried to remembering, he was gave up. So, he back to his cave. "Wait! wait, wait, wait! yeah, this place is my cave's area!" The old fisherman suprised. He knews that he knows this place. Yeah, after the thunderstorm, he was came back to his cave. But how? It just the God's secret ..

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