Senin, 22 November 2010

My Ideal is My Target in The Future

            My full name is Asep Indra Cahyadi. Many people call me Indra, another call me Asep or Asin. That’s up to you to call me what. Well, I live in Bandung since I was born there on September 28th, 16 years ago. I’m the oldest boy in my family. My sister Indri, was 14 and my little sister Indah was 6. They always make me happy, undirectly, because they are sweet girls. Without them, I never have an ambition as big as now to be the best brother that they have.
            I always have big ambition when I want something. As when I was a child, I have a dream to be
an Astronaut. Because I like stars and I wanna go to the farthest stars that I can reach. I always listen to my favorite music like “Bintang Kecil”, “Bintang di Langit”, “Bintangku”, and so on. And I love to watch or read many of film or book about stars, planets, galaxy, zodiac, even Greek stories like Athena, andromeda, Zeus, Hercules, and many more. It show me that I have big ambition to have “what I want” since I was a child.
            Talk about my wants means my interests of something. I’m interested in many things, like photograph, karate, computer, poem or poetry, foreign languages, and many more. All of them have the same point, art. I love arts and my interests are arts, art of “life in frames”, arts of fight and self defense, arts of technology, arts of words, and arts of speech.
             But I can’t continue my graduate in an art school, because my family thinks that arts won’t “guarantee” my future. As I told you before that I’m the oldest and the only boy in my family. So, I have to become the head of this family. And I have to choose the other profession that can guaranteed my future than as an artist.
            Because of that, I’m schooling here, in Vocational High School 1 of Cimahi to become a technician that may be “guaranteed” my future.
            Well, after that tragedy, I have a new dream based on my way here. I have a dream to become the best Indonesian programmer or something like that. You know Bill Gates? He’s my Idol. I like him. He can bring his country, United States of America to every house in the world. As we know that Microsoft is belongs to Bill Gates from America. So, everyone must be know America from it. Mustn’t it?
And my question is, if Bill Gates from America can do that, why me, Asep Indra cannot do that?? If I can do the same as Bill Gates did, with another way, why not that someday no one don’t know Indonesia. Everyone will know Indonesia. So, I think that everyone have to know Indonesia. Because we aren’t weak country, we’re strong country and we can show that Indonesia have big contributions to the world.

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